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Email Creatives

Email 1


Subject: Inflammation Belly 🙁

Subject 2: Flatten Your Inflammation Belly


The most frustrating thing for men and women as we age is the constant battle to lose weight, after all…

My friend’s doctor just broke the news that she has “hidden inflammation” in her chest and belly which makes it almost impossible to lose weight…

And even worse…

It turns out over 80% of men and women over 40 suffer from the same condition without even knowing it just from the simple wear and tear your body goes through as you get older 🙁

The good news is…

You can flatten your inflammation belly for good with one simple trick that ANYONE at ANY age can do…

Do This One Trick to Flatten Your Inflammation Belly

According to Time Magazine, millions of men and women around the world suffer from hidden inflammation without a single warning and you’re at higher risk if you…

  • Are 5 or more pounds overweight
  • Experience high stress levels
  • Have ever used prescription drugs or pain relievers

However, you can turn OFF your “Inflammation Enzymes” and wake up one pound LIGHTER tomorrow morning with one simple trick that ANYONE can do.

Do This One Trick to Wake Up looking 1 Pound Lighter Tomorrow Morning


Email 2


Subject : ONE Trick to Wake Up Looking 1 Pound Lighter Tomorrow


How amazing would it be to wake up with your belly looking leaner, tighter and more attractive every day this week?


It turns out there’s an easy trick you can use today to wake up looking 1 pound lighter tomorrow morning, and…

Continue to wake up looking leaner every single day this week!

It’s a bit strange and was discovered deep in the Jungles of Panama, yet it’s so easy ANYONE at ANY age can do it! Check it out here…

ONE Trick to Wake Up Looking 1 Pound Lighter Tomorrow

Always keep learning,


Email 3


Subject: Inflammation belly 🙁

Re-send subject: Beer gut / pouch belly


Did you know that the most common reason men have a beer gut or women have a pouch belly is because of inflammation in your guts?

Literally… Your intestines get inflamed and push your belly out making you look significantly fatter then you actually are!

If you can remember how your belly looks after you have the flu for a few days and can’t eat then this is actually how your belly should look all the time if you know how to remove the inflammation.


Today I wanted to share this with you in case you wanted to shrink your belly bulge…

=> Do This One Trick to Flatten Your Inflammation Belly


Email 4


Subject: 1 oz. of THIS flattens your belly after 40

Unopens: 1 oz. of THIS burns belly fat


Here's 3 "Metabolism Minerals" that'll flatten your belly after 40...

Click below for the symptom you have.

1) Extra lower belly fat? => Eat 1 oz of THIS Tonight

2) Squishy love handles? => Eat 1 oz of THIS Tonight

3) Saggy butt as you get older? => Eat 1 oz of THIS Tonight

Always keep learning,


Email 5


Subject: Eat 28g. of this “Metabolism Mineral” to Burn More Fat


Did you know there's a strange "Metabolism Mineral" you can eat everyday to burn more fat, and...

All you have to do is eat an ounce or two after dinner to help you burn more fat throughout the night 🙂

It's super simple and works even BETTER as you get older. Here it is:

Eat This "Metabolism Mineral" AFTER Dinner to Burn More Belly Fat

Hope this helps!


Email 6


Subject: green tea diet


I just read about a few celebrities doing this “green tea” diet where you basically drink a bunch of green tea and mix in some veggies for 2-3 days, and…

It’s supposed to detox your body and burn fat really fast, the only problem is…

It doesn’t burn ANY fat at all!

You just lose a bunch of water weight, however…

If you really want to burn fat quickly, you can do this one trick to wake up LEANER tomorrow morning…

#1 Trick To Get LEANER in Just 24 Hours

And it’s so simple, anyone can do it 🙂


Email 7


Subject: Fat-Burning Water


So yesterday I told you about a NEW program that lasts only 10 days and can have you down a pound or two in just 24 hours, and…

It’s not some starvation diet or extreme workout program, it’s just a strategic 10 day plan that takes advantage of a few belly slimming super-nutrients, but the real key is…

This brand new “golden water” that you can make right at home to boost fat-burning and get rid of your stress, which is one of the main factors in losing weight, but real magic is…

How easy and simple it is...

See, the main reason most programs fail is because they’re impossible to stick with and they have all these rules of what you can and can’t do, which only confuses you more when in reality you just want someone to tell you EXACTLY what to do…

So if you have 10 days and want to drop 5 pounds or more…

Note: In the test groups of men and women over the age of 41, the average weight loss was 5 pounds in 7 days, so you could definitely hit that in 10 days, people even a few pounds more.

Then check this out because the secret sauce is how EASY and SIMPLE it is to do…

Along with the secret “golden water” recipe you drink in the morning and before bed. That’s been a big game changer, even for me 🙂

Drink This “Golden Water” to Drop Pounds in 24 Hours

Hopefully this is the jumpstart you need 🙂


Email 8


Subject: swelling

When most people think of swelling or inflammation, they think of what happens after an acute injury which is correct, but inflammation can be more complicated that that.

Inflammation is a natural way of protecting injured joints by immobilizing them (like a "natural" cast), but inflammation also occurs when your body is trying to protect itself from toxic substances that are being introduced or ingested and this can be way more dangerous and make you look heavier than you really are.

Your body will always prioritize reducing inflammation before other, less important, activities like fat loss or muscle building. It's simple, this is the biggest threat to survival and everything else becomes secondary.

The key is to control inflammation as much as possible, because there will ALWAYS be environmental factors that cause a global inflammatory response and you have to be proactive.

Today's article focuses on one simple trick to reduce inflammation and re prioritize your health.

Simple "Trick" To Reduce Inflammation

Hope this helps,


Email 9


 Subject: Carbonated Drinks (do they bloat you or not?)

Re-Send Subject: 4 Tricks To Banish Belly Bloat


If you suffer from bloating, you’re not alone.

Bloating occurs in over 30% of the population from “hidden inflammation” within the digestive system.

Excessive amounts of solids, liquids, or gas in your belly and digestive track can cause pain, while making you look much fatter than you really are.

Four simple tips you can follow to eliminate belly bloat are:

1) Eat slower and chew your food more thoroughly

Most people, including me, eat way too fast… or they eat portions that are too large. Be conscious of how fast you eat and you’ll feel better after meals, while limiting your belly bloat.

 2) Avoid carbonated drinks

The carbon dioxide from carbonated drinks can be released inside your stomach leading to an increase in air giving you a bloated belly. I also recommend that you avoid drinking through a straw because excessive air can get trapped in your stomach.

3) Consider eliminating processed wheat and gluten

Many people suffer with food allergies from one or more of these foods… some people can even experience bloating from healthy foods like “hearty health grains.” Eliminating one or more of these foods will limit your belly bloat.

4) Use this Metabolism Mineral (found in Panama) to wake up 1 pound lighter by tomorrow

It turns out there’s an easy trick you can use today to wake up looking 1 pound lighter tomorrow morning and eliminate belly bloat while you sleep…

It’s a bit strange and was discovered deep in the Jungles of Panama, yet it’s so easy ANYONE at ANY age can do it. Check it out here…

==> ONE Trick to Wake Up 1 Pound Lighter Tomorrow

Stay fit and keep learning new things.

Your friend and coach,


Article Landers

Article Lander 1


**This is a different link than your normal hoplink**

Subject: Gatorade

Subject 2: Diet Coke

Subject 3: V8 Juice


Did you know you can easily drop 2-3 pounds a week just by cutting out some drinks that make your belly bigger?

And no, I’m not talking about the obvious ones like soda, juice, and alcohol…

The truth is, there are 3 “healthy” drinks you must absolutely avoid if you want a flat belly, and…

You can read all about them in this short article:

Cut Out These “Healthy” Drinks & Drop 2-3 Pounds Per WEEK

Enjoy the read!


Article Lander 2


**This is a different link than your normal hoplink**

Subject: Volunteers needed [FREE experiment to lose 2-3lbs/week]


A brand new article was just published PROVING that you can easily drop 2-3 pounds of fat per week by simply cutting out these "healthy" drinks.

The experiment is FREE. Get the list of the drinks below (it's just 3)

Cut out these 3 "healthy" drinks and drop 2-3 pounds per week (FREE experiment)

By the way, this won't be the obvious answers like alcohol and soda. You already know that. These are so-called "healthy" drinks encouraged by the media. The article is SUPER short, too.

To a healthier life,




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